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Sustainability Statement

Our company is highly focused on making clothes in a responsible, sustainable way, that limits the impact on the environment. This is an on-going procedure and the right thing to do, both morally and commercially, and it is an approach that we’re committed to.

Our Company’s goals and targets for the future are built on the United Nations (UN) Global Compact principles: a series of strategic environmental plans; aligning itself with the development and use of responsibly and sustainably produced fabrics like sustainable cotton, linen, Tencel etc., sourcing them from all over the world and focusing on choosing more sustainable options when possible, transforming its physical stores and facilities so they’re eco-efficient, recycling and using green alternatives for its packing materials and launching eco-conscious and eco-friendly capsule collections which will account for more than 20% of Funky Buddha’s product offerings by the end of 2025.

By 2020, the company committed itself to training all of its designers in the cruciality of circularity and sustainable product design procedures, producing in a mindful way and not using fibers from endangered forests. By 2023, it aims at zero-use of single-use plastics, and adoption of green-only packaging. Before the end of 2025, the collections will make the highest possible use of sustainable fabrics and the company will try to achieve maximum renewable energy use for its HQ and stores. The supply chain is striving to minimize its carbon footprint by manufacturing near the actual material sources - whenever possible.

According to Nikos Alexiou, CEO of ALTEX S.A, the holding company of Funky Buddha and Fifty-Five GARAGE, the company has always been sustainability conscious. The production is absolutely adjusted to sales, thus minimizing excess stocks, and by extension, waste.

“To me, the beating heart of our Brands is our customer. I am sure that they are fully engaged and interested in making authentic, environmentally conscious decisions in every aspect of their lives. Our approach to fashion is always customer centric. At the end of the day, they are the ones who decide, and our obligation is to meet their expectations, in a sustainable way. The clients identify more with the brands that are embracing change and evolving in terms of sustainability and they increasingly share our sensitivity towards sustainability.

The sense of promoting longevity is also at the top of our minds. We are obsessed with producing pieces that are infused with the qualities of timelessness and durability. We are striving to offer garments that will form the basis of the consumer’s wardrobe.

We continue working on the quality of our clothes, as we’ve always done, creating new sustainable ways of working, designing, producing and distributing, as a new way of approaching fashion.

I am certain that all our teams are very conscious, but we are positively surprised to also see the same sensitivity on our suppliers' side. However, we are aware that we have still a long way to go. Today, after several eco-friendly capsule collections and a lot of hard work, we have learned a very important lesson: in order to advance you must combine design and sustainability. The challenge is to become totally sustainable.

We need to start with the small things in order to achieve something great. Imagine what we can achieve by implementing this approach not only to our work environment but also to our daily lives and at home, where we must also raise awareness. It’s up to all of us.”


Social Responsibility

  • NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: Showing respect to the natural environment in which we operate and trying actively to contribute to the development of the respective communities, is a major goal in our Social Responsibility Policy.

  • ETHICAL FOUNDATION: Our ethical foundation is based on corporate social responsibility. As a responsible business the company has adopted its role in the communities in which it operates.

  • ECOLOGY & QUALITY: Our company commits to the principle of producing products harmless to the ecological environment. This includes, apart from a carefully selected choice of sustainable raw-material and fabrics, suppliers worldwide and the continuous control of crucial ecological parameters by independent and certified international laboratories and authority boards.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Environmental protection and nature preservation as well as the responsible use of natural resources play an important role in all corporate decisions. As part of its environmental policy, our company ensures that energy is used sparingly in all its divisions.
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